Air Conditioning Repair

At NRG Heating & Air Conditioning INC. we can diagnose and troubleshoot your AC problems and provide the air conditioning repair services you need to get your broken AC unit working again. We are also a Premier Lennox dealer that can offer new ac units at the best prices! During summer days you expect record-high temperatures. What you don’t expect is your air conditioner to break down leaving you with no air conditioning when you need it the most. One of the ways to prevent this from occurring is to get your air conditioning unit serviced on a yearly basis.

Get the air conditioner repairs you need at a price that is right for you! Call the air conditioner repair NATE Certified experts at NRG Heating & Air Conditioning INC. today at 800-880-0004


The Top 5 Air Conditioning Repair Questions.

  1. Why is my AC is not Turning on?

There are several reason your ac may not be turning on one of the first things you should do is ensure the thermostat is set to on. Next make sure you set the temperature for at least 5 degrees cooler than the current temperature in your home. If your AC unit is equipped (most are) Check the emergency shut off switch. It is usually located in a metal box that’s hanging on your house. The next thing you can do is to check to see if you’ve blown a breaker. If these simple fixes don’t work give NRG Heating and Air Conditioning a call at 800-880-0004 today!

  1. Why does my thermostat say 75 but it’s 90 in the house? It’s blowing hot air.

If your A/C or air conditioner isn’t cooling your house even though it’s running, or is blowing hot air, you should start by checking the thermostat. The next step would be to take a look at the condenser. Is the condenser dirty or blocked? If the condenser is dirty or blocked, clean it and remove the blockage. The condenser can become blocked by dirt, dust, tall weeds, grass or other debris. If the A/C or air conditioner still isn’t blowing cold air, this could be the result of a faulty compressor or an inadequate amount of refrigerant in the system. NRG Heating and Air Conditioning has the technicians your looking for with the affordable prices you deserve.

  1. Why is there water leaking from my AC unit?

A clogged condensate drain line is the most common cause of water leaking from your air conditioner or A/C. You can prevent a clog condensate line by pouring a cup of household bleach into the line from the inside (this can also help clear a stopped up drain in your home) To remove a clog, attach a wet/dry vacuum to the drain line outside, make sure you remove the paper filter first, and suck the clog out.

  1. Why is my Air conditioner making a noise?

There are several reasons your air conditioner may be making noises. These reasons include; You may have bad compressor valves, a bad motor, your fan blades may be broken or out of balance, your refrigerant may be too low, your reversing valve may be bad, a noisy solenoid coil, you may just have a loud compressor or unit, your unit may be iced up and the fan blades may be hitting the ice, the fan blades may be hitting some kind of obstruction, there may be a vibration due to loose parts or due to refrigerant piping being strapped too tightly.

  1. How can I make my A/C or air conditioner automated with my Smart phone?

If you have a wifi thermostat in your home, you can control your air conditioner right from your smartphone. Call NRG at 800-880-0004 today for more information on these and other important A/C questions.