When you need heating and air service FAST, you can trust NRG Heating & Air technicians to arrive on time and provide you with professional, friendly, and quality service. We are open 8-6 Monday- Sunday, and we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the services we provide.

AC Repair
AC Tune Up
AC Replacement
Condenser Repair
Duct Cleaning
Ductless Mini Split System
Heating Repair
Heating System Tune Up
Heating Replacement
Indoor Air Quality
Insulation Replacement
Warranty Procedure

Air Conditioning/Condenser Repair
Central air conditions will need some professional maintenance, but there are many minor problems that you can easily fix yourself.

Duct Cleaning
Ducts should be cleaned yearly especially if there is noticeable dirt buildup and visible mold growth in order avoid inhalation of such particles that could lead to sickness

Indoor Air Quality
Most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors, and that 50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by poor indoor air quality (IAQ)?

Insulation Replacement 
If your insulation has been damaged by a water leak or contaminated by critters you can trust the experts at NRG Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to repair, replace or install new insulation in your home.

A little about the Heating & Air Experts..


Heating & Air Conditioning installation and service has been providing consumers with high quality climate control and solar panel installation and repair for 22 years. N.R.G has grown over the years because of its dedication to the belief that a satisfied customer is its most valuable asset. Our newest service includes solar panel installation and repair.