For an AC system to work, it needs a gas or liquid substance called refrigerant, The application of a AC condenser is to cool the AC gas for converting it to a liquid form. It is the outdoor unit that joints the compressor, a blower fan, and the condenser coil, along with motors and capacitors to supply power to the different parts. A malfunctioning condenser can’t effectively cool the way it’s meant to! Fixing air conditioner’s condenser isn’t a do it yourself task. Always remember electrical appliances that work along with liquids aren’t a thing to mess with. You could severely injure yourself or damage the unit, which would mean costly repairs or long medical bills.

A thorough inspection of your A/C system will allow making the determination whether the system can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced. In a lot of cases you might have to make a judgment call: Do I repair my old A/C unit and get another couple of years out of it, or does it make more financial sense, in the long run, to change the unit and start off fresh? Although the answer to that question lies primarily in each individual’s finances and philosophy, we have put together a short list of pros and cons regarding replacing vs repairing an air conditioning unit:

In today’s uncertain economic times’ many unethical companies out there trying to persuade their customers that they need a new air conditioning unit, when a lot of times, the unit can be repaired. And on the flip side, some companies push their customers to repair if they feel the customer is not ready to change their unit when they know the unit is beyond repairable. Entrusting the care of your air conditioning system in a reputable company is the assurance of a job done well and honestly. N.R.G Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is a family owned business which has been servicing Southern California for more than 20 years.


Pros to replacing you’re A/C unit:

  • A new A/C unit will be more energy efficient
  • A new A/C unit will be covered by a warranty
  • Keeping an old system will expose you to further repairs of other aging parts

Pros of keeping your old unit:

  • Repairing your old system is less costly
  • The repair will be under warranty for a while

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